Are humans the only intelligence species in the universe? And why???
A vast expanding universe that is estimated to measure around 90 billion light years across. So even if someone traveled at the speed of light they will never reach the edge of the universe because of the expansion. The universe itself is expanding at the speed of light. If you were to travel out of this universe, you will find other Parallel universes stretching at the speed of light. These many universes are awash with dark matter and dark energy.
If we take a look at earth we will find that it consists of rocks and sand, These in turn consists of some of the elements on the periodic table. Scientists were very happy when they discovered the molecular composition of these materials, and they considered it to be a huge leap that will help explain more hypothesis in physics and chemistry as well as other elements reactions in nature.     
But their celebration did not last long as they discovered that these molecules are made of smaller parts called atoms, then they discovered even smaller parts, the neutrons and protons. Then they found out that these in turn are made up of quarks, and there is another hypothesis that says that quarks cane be composed of smaller parts too. This means that if we looked at the sky we can observe a huge and almost an infinite universe, and if we looked down below our feet we can observe that we look like giants standing on very small world.     
(Is there creatures else out there except us in this huge universe?)
Humans keep asking this question but never looked at it from a different angle… a creature that has free will power and freedom, in addition to other scary traits like greed, ambition, love of control, and high readiness to commit anything no matter how horrible it is. Can’t you see that this huge universe is the perfect place to imprison a creature with such qualities?! 

From my book “I don’t like it, you can do better”